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We run Nike shops aligned with the highest industry standards. We learn, develop and innovate together.
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Our Wholesale team builds trust and long-term relationships with our consumers. Equipped with a wealth of Nike brand knowledge, they are always ready to listen and ensure our consumers’ needs are met with exceptional service.


Empowering the first line. Our Retail team makes sure that the atmosphere in our stores is welcoming and each visitor is served promptly and efficiently. They foster teamwork among our salesmen and strive to improve our consumers’ shopping experience every day.


Our Operations & Logistics team is the one that guarantees Nike products are always on the store shelves. They navigate through this rapidly changing industry together and always find the best possible solutions for efficient and sustainable distribution.


Passionate about working with people, the Human Resources team plays a crucial role in fostering Sport Time’s company culture and taking care of the well-being of our colleagues. They bring talent to our company and support everyone’s growth and development.


Our Marketing team drives outstanding marketing campaigns, organizes our unforgettable events and expertly identifies local Nike influencers. Passion for Nike is their foundation.


The Finance & Accounting team is a key driver of our company’s success. With their accurate and transparent financial insights, they make our sustainable growth possible and successful.


The Legal department preserves the trust we have earned among our partners and consumers by mitigating risks and keeping Sport Time business within legal boundaries.


The Business Planning department plans, monitors, analyzes, controls and optimizes the quantities and prices of goods. They understand the bigger picture of the business and work closely with all departments within the company.


Troubleshooters! The IT team ensures our online communication flow, protects our data and information and constantly grows our IT infrastructure.
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Sport Time is the exclusive distributor of Nike in the Balkans region, present on Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Albania markets. We run both retail and wholesale businesses.

To apply for a job, you need to submit an online application on this website by sending your CV and contact information. If your experience aligns with our company’s requirements, you will be invited to a job interview. The next step, depending on the position you apply for, may involve a test assignment. If you successfully pass these two steps, you will receive a job offer.

When you submit the application for a job in Sport Time, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that your job application has been successfully submitted. Don’t forget to check Spam folders as well.

If for any reason you are unable to send us your CV electronically, you can bring it physically to one of nearby Nike shops. Check out our locations HERE.

Sport Time is a young organization that is rapidly expanding. We are constantly opening new shops and strengthening our existing teams. If you want to work with the Nike brand, but there’s currently no open position to apply for, feel free to submit your CV and contact information HERE, and we will contact you if any opportunity opens.

While some positions, like store managers or deputy store managers, require previous work experience in the company, a salesperson position doesn’t necessarily require previous experience, but is considered an advantage. What is important for you is that you leave the impression of a responsible and hard-working person who would fit well into our team and organizational culture.

Salaries at Sport Time are considered a trade secret. Salary for the position you apply for will be disclosed during the final round of selection.

Growth mindset is one of our core organizational values! We believe in our colleagues’ talent and dedication to work and always consider them first for open positions. Also, we regularly provide training and workshops for our colleagues in areas that are relevant to their positions in Sport Time. We truly foster internal growth of our people.

Our colleagues’ satisfaction comes first. From learning opportunities to health insurance, we provide valuable benefits for our colleagues. Find out more about our benefits above.

We appreciate the persistence of the candidates’ enthusiasm and interest in working at Sport Time. If you are rejected for a job in our company, you can give it another try after six months.