In 2019, we joined the Nike journey toward zero carbon and zero waste, helping to protect the future of sport. Along that journey, inspired by the Move to Zero approach, we are raising awareness about the environment both among our employees and among our consumers and followers.

Together with Nike, we strive towards global 2025 targets.

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tons less of greenhouse gas emissions, through increasing the use of environmentally preferred materials to 50% of all key materials: polyester, cotton, leather and rubber.

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waste diverted from landfill in our supply chain with at least 80% of waste recycled back into Nike products and other goods.

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reduction of fresh water usage per kilogram in textile dyeing and finishing.


As a company that is part of Nike’s global distribution network, we know the importance of the phrase “Think Global, Act Local”. Throughout these years, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to a healthy environment in our local communities, which was recognized and supported by our consumers.


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Hand in hand with our partner Sport Vision and Buzz, we strive towards Vision of a Healthy Future.

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When you work with Nike, even collecting garbage is a sport activity. It’s always more exciting when you push your boundaries and approach everyday activities in a fun way.

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