Forbes Kids Award for Our Company in Romania

28 November 2023

Our company in Romania won the Forbes Kids award for the best brand in the category of kids’ equipment and clothes for sports and activities in nature.

Marija Zikova, our Country Manager in Romania, received it at the event Forbes Brands for Kids 2023. 

She expressed gratitude to the parents for their trust in the Nike brand and said she’s positively surprised to meet so many people who are interested in this topic.

“We are continuously working on improving our products in order to offer the best experience and support to kids from their first steps while exploring the world and nature”, said Marija.

She emphasized that it’s essential for kids to learn the importance of sport from their young age.

“Nike’s mission is to promote healthy life and sport through all generations but especially trough kids. We are trying to communicate to the young generations – the competition is only with ourselves and to be a better person tomorrow vs what we have been today. Thank you”, said Marija.