It’s Still Better Outside – Testing New Nike Running Shoes

10 January 2024

Runners from Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria had the opportunity to test the two new Nike shoe models, Pegasus Trail 4 Goretex and InfinityRN4 Goretex, on different terrains and in various weather conditions, assessing their durability, comfort, and functionality.

A team of around fifty runners in Serbia enjoyed a weekend at Divcibare mountain. They attended the excellent lecture by Tijana Nikolic, a breath-holding diving record holder, who introduced runners to her sport, along with the challenges and struggles she faces during training and competitions.

“What I’ve learned about myself by pushing boundaries in my sport is to be truly calm in the most stressful situations. I’ve become a stronger and more stable person for whom limits do not exist”, stated Tijana.

Testing new models in Romania took place at AMCKart carting circuit, where runners completed a 2 km course through a multitude of artificial weather conditions (rain, wind, fog, snow and mild conditions).

Sixty runners who were divided into groups took part in this event, which was a great opportunity to make new connections. All runners and participants received a medal for their participation in the event.

The event in Bulgaria took place at the karting track Krasna Polyana and featured 25 runners and 6 influencers. Runners such as the national marathon champion, three-time Vitosha 100 champion and others, took part in the event, trying out our innovative and special winter equipment.

Brand Director Jelena Dubovac said she’s more than satisfied with the success of the campaign.

“Runners shared their impressions of the shoes, which proved invaluable for the brand, providing direct feedback on performance and contributing to further design enhancements”, she said.

Both pairs of shoes feature a flexible and lightweight design, along with waterproof Goretex to prevent rain, snow, and other elements from penetrating tjhe feet, keeping them dry. The Pegasus Trail 4 Goretex is characterized by smaller lugs around the front, providing extra durability and grip on technical trails while maintaining smooth running on the road. The Nike React technology is present in this model, offering a smooth run with its durable foam. The shoe’s design provides significant stability even when running on rocky terrain.

On the other hand, the Nike InfinityRN 4 Goretex is a completely new version of the popular shoe model, with supportive cushions designed for uninterrupted running. It is crafted from the entirely new Nike ReactX foam, giving the runner 13% more energy compared to Nike React foam, helping you stay fresh and lively. Interestingly, Nike ReactX reduces the carbon footprint by at least 43% compared to Nike React foam. This shoe version still provides a light run, with ReactX foam offering more support, while the wider toe box helps your foot feel stable and secure.