Nike Holistic Fitness Campaign in Romania

9 April 2024

On Sunday, April 7, on International Health Day, our company in Bucharest supported the Nike Holistic Fitness campaign, during which the Nike Well Collective Festival was organized. 

The all-day event provides a unique experience for women and motivates them to not only engage in regular sports activities but also to pay attention to healthy eating, balance, and mental health.

100 women accepted the invitation to spend a beautiful spring day with Nike and we gave them a memorable experience for body, mind and soul.

The event started with a light workout that helped to warm up the body and increase their heart rate, supported by our partner Sport Vision. Then they experienced a moderate intensity training with the champion Anca Surdu, we helped them to understand better themselves during the mindfulness session supported by our special guest Psychologist Diana Lupu, and at the end they relaxed during a yoga training with Laura Călin.

Although the schedule seemed busy, it was interspersed with many breaks during which the Nike team invited participants to socialize, take pictures at the themed photo booth and indulge in healthy treats at the green bar made available to them.

With the messages “Move with us”, “Find your feel” and “Feel your all”, all our guests went home with a generous gift full of Nike and Sephora products.