Sport Time Sponsors Red Star Judo Club

22 September 2023

Sport Time will be providing uniforms for the judo athletes from the Red Star club in the upcoming period. That is stated in the sponsorship agreement that our company has signed with this club.

The signing of the agreement was attended by Marko Marinkovic, our regional sales director, and Stojan Vujko, the president of the Red Star Judo Club.

As Marinkovic said, our company wanted to show the support for sports, both professional and recreational, in this manner.

“We are very proud of this sponsorship because the Red Star Judo Club is a talent incubator, as we can see at every competition both in the country and abroad. We want to provide them with support and invest in the development of athletes and sports in general”, he stated.

The Red Star Judo Club is the most successful in Europe in the overall rankings of the European Judo Union and is hosting this year’s Champions League, which will take place on December 9th. In addition to the senior competition, the judo athletes of Red Star are at the top when it comes to the results of younger categories, consisting of eight sections with more than 300 young judokas.