We Celebrated the First Day of Summer in the New Nike Swim Collection

21 June 2023

Film editor Masa Memedovic and fitness instructor Luka Djurovic celebrated the first day of summer jumping into the water and showcased swimsuits from our latest Nike Swim collection.

Our marketing team spent a wonderful weekend with these two incredible people at Lake Perucac in Serbia taking photos and videos for a summer campaign about joy of water and nature.

“I’ve had a special relationship with water, and nature in general, since birth. Crowded is ok, but hidden and wild is my natural habitat. I’m there when I need a dose of adrenaline and peace. Relaxation. A moment for myself. A moment to renew my energy. Nature gives so much and asks nothing in return. And everyone is welcome”, said Masa.

The models of the new Nike Swim collection are inspired by streetwear design and classic cut. The combination of modern prints and complementary colours will make you noticed and trendy this summer. Taking into account the comfort of the new Nike swimwear models, as well as the possibility of combining them with details, the enjoyment of summer adventures will be guaranteed. This feeling of pure joy will accompany you whether you’re lounging on the beach listening to the waves or enjoying the party at a music festival in your new favourite swimsuit with a discreetly embossed Nike Swoosh.