Sport Time Cleans All Over Bulgaria

22 September 2023

Our colleagues joined the Bulgarian bTV Media Group’s initiative “Let’s Clean Bulgaria Together” which took place on 16th of September.   

They cleaned public parks in three Bulgarian cities and collected a total of 180 kg of garbage – 90 kg in Kambanite Park in Sofia, 50 kg in Laluta park in Plovdiv, and 40 kg in Elin Pelin Park in Varna.   

“Let’s Clean Bulgaria Together” is the largest volunteer initiative in this country, which aims to build public awareness on issues related to environmental protection.

Since the beginning of the campaign so far, nearly 2,800,000 volunteers took part in
cleaning actions. According to the Eco-Ministry, they collected 97,170 tons of waste, which is more than 200 fully loaded Boeing 747 airplanes, and removed more than 22,700 landfills from the face of Bulgaria.

A record 6,092 polluted areas and unregulated landfills were cleaned from the territory of the country in this year’s edition of the “Let’s clean Bulgaria together” campaign.

301,780 people who participated in cleaning actions in 2023 collected over 4,340 tons of garbage.